It's Official: Over 100 new decors!

The Loetz Advisory Group's recent work researching lampshade decors has revealed 8 new PG's.  These new decors also bring the total number of new decor discoveries to 103 since was first rolled-out in November 2013.  In addition, one of our Loetz Advisory Group members, Warren GallĂ©, has written an article uncovering the shroud of mystery regarding the early "Metallin" examples that are marked "Patent Applied For - Made in Austria".   This article, "Loetz Metallglas", can be found in our Featured Articles section of the site. Enjoy!

8 new PGs8 new PGs

New PG's

1) PG 566/294

2) PG 4470

3) PG 6276

4) PG 6277

5) PG 6283

6) PG 6289

7) PG 8240

8) PG 1/77