A New Decor & Decor Updates!

We are pleased to introduce a new decor, Ausf 181, plus two decor updates and 2 new articles on Loetz.com!

1) Ausf 181 PN III-1193 - Mandarin m schwarzAusf 181 PN III-1193 - Mandarin m schwarzThe discovery of Ausf 181 went through many trials before examples could be officially documented for this decor.  A photograph for a lamp base that matched the drawing shown on PN III-1206/I was the clue that finally unlocked this mystery.  As soon as this example surfaced, we were able to match photographic examples in this decor with documented shapes and corresponding production notes.  Thank you, Warren, for all of your efforts and research work to document this decor. 





2) Sometimes instead of discovering a new decor, we find that corrections and updates need to be made to earlier decor assignments.  This is the case with Juno and Ausf 244.

PG 2/450 variantPG 2/450 variantJuno - The decor description given in Cantz (pg. 306, B136) for this decor is found under PG 2/450: "Crete (= Juno) or cobalt ground." A more detailed decor description is provided in Band 1: "trailing colorless threads and silver-yellow bands pulled and molded into a six-part fountain like pattern." The cobalt examples shown for PG 2/450 on Loetz.com match this description.  However, upon closer inspection we discovered that the examples previously shown for "Juno" were not Crete nor did they exhibit "trailing colorless threads".  We have therefore removed "Juno" from the Decors A-Z section and placed all of these "Russian Green" examples in with the PG 2/450 Decor Variant examples. If anyone has a Crete example of PG 2/450 that also exhibits the colorless threads, please send us a photo so we can restore this decor to the site.

PfaufedernPfaufedernAusf 244 - While researching the production numbers for Ausf 244, we noticed that all of the production notes for Ausf 244 indicated that this decor was made "mit Kakteen" ("with cacti" - plural for cactus). Up to this point, examples shown for Ausf 244 were ones that exhibited the later execution of a peacock eye and feather decoration. We researched the known shapes showing the peacock eye and feather decoration and learned that this decor was called "Pfaufedern". Therefore, all of the Ausf 244 examples previously shown have now been move to the Decors A-Z section and listed by their correct name, Pfaufedern.  Thank you, Bill Fitzsimmons, for bringing this decor update to our attention. Now, we all need to be on the lookout for Loetz examples made with cacti!

3) An article about the designer, Marie Kirschner, has been written by Tony Ellery and added to the "Designers" section of the site.  New information has also been added to the Franz Hofstoetter article regarding the ongoing research of the two spellings of his last name. (See the "Footnote" in this article).

4) Richard et cieRichard et cieAn interesting and informative article about the Loetz cameo production has been written by Warren Gallé and can be found in the Featured Articles section on the site.  This article not only provides an in-depth look into the cameo and acid cutback decorations produced by the Loetz glassworks but it also reveals many examples not seen or known before Warren's extensive research on this topic.