Many of the Loetz resource books listed below are out of print but all are highly recommended and worth adding to your library. While each book stands alone in offering the collector important resource information about Loetz art glass, if this is your first Loetz reference purchase, we would recommend starting with: "Lötz or Loetz (depending on the language you desire) Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940"(see description #3 below).  

When available, contact and/or order information has been provided at the end of each book listing. Otherwise, used copies of these resources do come available from time to time and are worth searching for on the internet. 

1) Lněničková, Loetz/Series II, Paper Patterns for Glass from 1900 to 1914, (Muzeum Sumavy, Suŝice, 2011)

This book presents thousands of black and white illustrations of the paper patterns from the Series II productions which were produced by Loetz from 1900 - 1914, many of which have never been published before. These paper patterns served as the blue prints for the Series II productions which reflect some of the most collected and sought after examples by this famous glass manufacturer.  Included below each of the paper patterns is information on the decors, colors and customer invoice records for that particular shape. This book is an immense and heroic achievement not only giving collectors new insights on the decors and shapes produced by Loetz during this time but also serving to preserve these fragile Loetz archives before being lost forever. It is printed in black and white, in three languages, arranged chronologically and contains over 903 pages. This book is highly recommended for the serious collector and researcher.

Limited copies of this book are available. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this important book, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will make an effort to put you in contact with a distributor in your area.

2)   Waltraud Neuwirth
Catalogue of the exhibition "Loetz Austria 1900" in the "Austrian Museum of Applied Arts", Vienna (23.05 - 06.07.1986) and in the "Provincial Museum of Upper Austria", Linz (20.11.1986 - 31.01.1987)

Neuwirth Loetz 1900   Waltraud Neuwirth
320 pages, 228 colour illustrations, 61 black-and-white illustrations, 311 catalogue numbers; text (introduction, history, catalogue) in four languages (German, English, French, Italian); documentation in German
ISBN 3-900282-26-9

Picture: © NW
Neuwirth Loetz 1905-1918   Waltraud Neuwirth
400 pages, 178 colour illustrations, 203 black-and-white illustrations, 87 catalogue numbers; text (introduction, history, catalogue) in four languages (German, English, French, Italian); documentation in German
ISBN 3-900282-27-7

Picture: © NW

3)  The Loetz bible (2003 Ed.): "Loetz Bohemian Glass 1880 -1940". (Note: This edition includes a CD found in a sleeve attached to the back cover. The CD provides drawings of over 5,000 paper patterns but does NOT provide the production notes and decor information found in the original 1989 Edition, "Band 2")

Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940
German language edition 2003
352 pgs., 661 illustrations, 508 in full color.
Edited by the Glasmuseum Hentrich, museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf, Ernst Ploil.
Contributions by Jan Mergl, Ernst Ploil, Helmut Ricke. Text by Alena Adlerová, Wolfgang Hennig, Dunja Panenková

More details soon...

Bohemian glass 1880-1940
English language edition 2003. 

4) Original Loetz bible (1989 Ed.): "Lötz Böhmisches Glas 1880 - 1940 - Band 1 & 2"

 This massive 2 Volume Set is out of print but it is well worth obtaining a copy.  It was the catalog for the expositions in Düsseldorf , Frankfurt and Prague (2/12/89 - 9/24/89). While this edition has a similar title to the newer 2003 "Loetz Bohemisch Glass 1880- 1940", most of the photos are different. German Language only.

Band 1 contains 384 pages with color photos of over 400 different Loetz pieces shown in the exhibition.

Band 2 contains 595 pages with over 4000 line drawings of original Loetz designs. While the CD included with the newer edition replaces the paper drawings contained in this volume, the CD does NOT provide the 200 pages of important decor information that is found in Band 2.



5)  "Das Böhmische Glas 1700-1950"
Covers the history of Bohemian glass over almost 3 centuries.  Describes the collection of the Glassmuseum in Passau (Germany).
The series consists of 7 books. Four of the seven volumes are listed below as being the most representative for the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period (Band IV-V-VI). Band VII shows where all the glass works were located and has the complete register, which makes it easy to look up information in all 7 books.

Band IV  Böhmen  

Band V Bayern und Schlesien


Band VI  Art deco


Band VII Karten und Register

IV  Böhmen
(© BG)

  V  Bayern und Schlesien
(© BG)
  VI   Art deco
(© BG)

VII Karten und Register
(© BG)

Band IV    Jugendstil in Böhmen
Edited by Georg Hötl, Glassmuseum Passau
312 pages, 354 colour illustrations, 115 black-and-white illustrations, text in German
ISBN 3-927218-57-X

Band V    Jugendstil in Bayern und Schlesien
Edited by Georg Hötl, Glassmuseum Passau
86 pages, 77 colour illustrations, 39 black-and-white illustrations, text in German
ISBN 3-927218-58-8
Band VI    Art Deco - Moderne
Edited by Georg Hötl, Glassmuseum Passau
138 pages, 164 colour illustrations, 88 black-and-white illustrations, text in German
ISBN 3-927218-59-6
Band VII    Karten und Register
Edited by Georg Hötl, Glassmuseum Passau
92 pages with 15 maps
ISBN 3-927218-60-X

6)  Lötz auf der Weltausstellung  Paris 1900

  After the Loetz company was selected to participate in the Paris World Exhibition in 1900, manager Max von Spaun decided to present a collection that was completely different from the current product range. The Loetz output had been very much influenced by the work of L.C. Tiffany and though this was a great commercial success, he also wanted to lift up the company's artistic reputation. The little known German painter Franz Hofstötter was commissioned to design the range of vases that would yield the Grand Prix and bring the company world fame.
The book shows all the designs of Hofstötter, the high end "blackfeet" models, plus the input of the house designers like Prochaska, who wasn't only responsible for some of the shapes, but also for the highly demanding execution of the Hofstötter decors.

Out of print.  Not available anymore.

7)   Wiener Jugendstil, Sonderauktion
      60. Auktion, Galerie Wolfgang Ketterer München

  This is the catalog of an auction that took place in 1982 at Ketterer's in München.  Over 230 high end Loetz vases and more than 100 pieces of ceramics, lamps and furniture by the highest qualified manufacturers and designers of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period were offered for sale. 
It is interesting to see how the description of the different pieces has evolved through the years.  The exact nomenclature of the decors was barely known in these days, nor were the production numbers and the attribution of the design was mostly followed by a question mark.


 Published in 2015 by NBVD, Potsdam & Hamburg, Germany. Written by Toby Sharp with photographs by Olaf Ballnus.

 A new 160 page high quality, full colour publication (release date: April 2015) focusing on the emotional side of Loetz glass and the relationship between collector and collection. With numerous beautiful colour photographs (including both whole and close-up shots)of 50 of the very best Loetz vases predominantly from the (1899 - 1904) period of Loetz production, the book depicts many rare and some previously undocumented phenomenon decors. Along with insight into the collector's mind, the book also features insight into how the condition of Loetz glass affects the value (includes a condition / value grading chart) and helpful tips on storage, maintenance and insurance. The text is in both English and German language.

 ISBN: 978-3-939028-45-1 - copies currently available on Ebay.

9) Loetz 1900 – The Loetz Glass Factory at the World Exhibition in Paris 1900' (Ernst Ploil / Toby Sharp)

Loetz 1900This book is a second updated edition of Dr. Ploil's original work 'Lötz auf der Pariser Weltausstellung 1900'. In a successful attempt to make his mark alongside the recognised titans of Art Nouveau glass such as Émile Gallé and Louis Comfort Tiffany, Loetz factory director Max von Spaun commissioned German artist Franz Hofstoetter to produce a series of 100 glass objects for the exhibition – with stunning results! 

The book documents 75 of the series from both private and museum collections. There is also an overview of the signatures applied to the vases and original material showing the purchase prices. The text is in both English and German. Published by Auktionshaus im Kinsky in November 2017. ISBN 978-3-9503753-2-9. Copies are available at ImKinsky for EUR 69. Please contact them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..