Loetz.com Advisory Group

The Loetz.com Advisory Group consists of seven members including the co-founders of Loetz.com. Three of the members reside in

the USA and the other four in Europe. The purpose of the group is to enhance the understanding of Loetz art glass through the

research and discussion of information found in the Loetz archives, museums and other documented resources and comparing that

information to known examples of Loetz. The goal of the Loetz Advisory Group is to ensure that the most accurate and

up-to-date information about Loetz is available on Loetz.com. In addition to being seasoned Loetz collectors and researchers,

each member contributes a unique area of expertise.

European Members


United States Members

Tony Ellery – Switzerland   Deb Petersen Fitzsimmons - Midwest, USA
Co-Founder of Loetz.com   Co-Founder of Loetz.com
Tony has been a long time collector of Loetz and speaks fluent German.  He is retired from the pharmaceutical industry and has written several books on this subject. Recently, he volunteered his translating skills to the Passau Glass Museum and translated all of the placards in the museum for the English language speaking visitors. The Loetz.com web site would not have been possible without Tony's wisdom, passion for Loetz art glass, organizing skills and his nephew, Philipp Funk, a website developer extraordinaire!  

Deb and her husband, Bill, are

avid glass collectors and have

especially enjoyed studying and

collecting examples of each of

the Loetz decors. Deb has a

passion for studying the various

colors and shapes that Loetz

produced and documenting

new decors by connecting

photographic examples to

those found in published

resources of the Loetz


Kai Hasselbach - Germany   Toby Sharp - Vienna, Austria
Kai speaks fluent German and English and is a retired Chemist who specialized in the pharmaceutical industry.  He has been collecting Art Nouveau art glass for over 20 years.  Kai is not only extremely knowledgeable about Loetz but has also been a major contributor to Loetz.com. We are most indebted to Kai for sharing his extensive photo archive library consisting of 18,000 Loetz photo examples!  

Toby is based in Vienna and works in the real estate finance industry. He has been collecting Loetz for 10 years and specializes in the 1899 - 1904 period of Loetz production. This includes the Paris 1900 series and peak of the factory's Jugendstil / Art Nouveau design period. He is also the co-author of the book: "Loetz 1900 – The Loetz Glass Factory at the World Exhibition in Paris 1900' (Ernst Ploil/Toby Sharp)".He speaks fluent German and English.

Andy Jelcic - Zagreb, Croatia & Vienna, Austria   Warren Gallé - East coast, USA
Andy is a translator by profession as well as an author and employed in cultural management.  He speaks 5 different languages fluently. Andy has a keen understanding of the Secessionist movement having written his MA thesis on this subject featuring Vienna, Munich and Berlin.  He is a collector of Loetz and other Bohemian art glass.  

Warren has been collecting

Loetz for over 10 years. 

Warren is passionate about

collecting and researching

Loetz and other Bohemian art

glass. Warren says he will

always consider himself a

student and enjoys learning

all he can about the history

and production of these

objects of art in glass.

David Littlefield - Midwest, USA  

David is a retired fire chief

from Rhode Island who now

lives in Indiana.  He has

collected Loetz art glass for

over 17 years and features

his Loetz collection on his own

website. He enjoys gardening,

landscaping, kayaking,

mountain biking and playing

his guitar!