Photo & Financial Contributors - Auction Houses

We would like to recognize those auction houses that specialize in offering Loetz art glass for sale.  Over the years, the photos that they have taken have provided a wealth of knowledge and have contributed greatly to the ongoing research of Loetz art glass. The auction houses listed below are known for their quality offerings and their detailed descriptions of the objects that were produced by Loetz, as well as for their beautiful photography. While each of these pieces has found a new home, the photos taken of them live on as an invaluable public record.  We thank these auction houses for their part in helping to preserve the history of this amazing glass.
We would also like to give special recognition to those auction houses that have helped to support and further the efforts of financially. Their contributions ensure that will remain a non-for-profit endeavor so that collectors from around the world will have free access to information on Loetz art glass.  These auction houses are listed in BOLD below.
Dorotheum, Vienna, Austria
James D. Julia, Inc., Fairfield, ME, USA