How to Use the Décors Index A-Z

The Décors Index is the core of It contains more than 3600 photographs and over 400 different Loetz décors. Below is a structural guide for using the Décors Index. In the "How to Use this Site" section you will also find a glossary of the abreviations and terms used and a list of Loetz colors, and later we will post a décors list by date.

1.Visual Search – Select “Decors Index A-Z” (“Home” left side), scroll through décor thumbnails listed alphabetically or if using a keyboard you can hit the space bar to advance down the screen.

a.Décor Information: Click on a décor thumbnail to view multiple examples, production numbers, décor description and the year the décor was first produced.

b.Décor Subcategories: If you see titles such as Bronze Rusticana, Crete Rusticana, Etching ink, Etched Silberiris, etc. below a decor thumbnail click on the thumbnail to see multiple examples.

c.Décor Thumbnails: Once a décor or décor subcategory is selected, click individual thumbnails to enlarge photos and view additional information about a specific piece (e.g. size, designer) which is provided at the bottom of each photo enlargement. Once a thumbnail has been enlarged, you can also scroll through all of the enlargements by clicking “next” at the top right-hand corner of the photo. Note: Click once to enlarge a thumbnail. Double clicking causes a blue shadow to appear. The time it takes to open a thumbnail is determined by the size of the image.

d.Sub, Subcategories: Occasionally additional thumbnails and/or information are presented about a specific piece within a subcategory (e.g Arcadia / Aetna).

2.Search "Gallery": The “Search gallery” box located at the top right-hand corner of Décors Index A-Z is a powerful tool. (note: There is another "search" box at the very top of the page but more about how to use this tool below). Enter a specific search criterion (Décor, Date, Designer, PN, Color, etc.) to see the decors arranged by your search criteria!

a.Search by Date: Enter a date to see a list of decors that were first introduced on that date, click blue link to be taken to a specific décor.

b.Search by Décor, Designer, Color, etc. or categories such as year of production:  Searches for a décor, color, production number or year of produciton can be done by either entering the first few letters of the word/number or a complete spelling which will provide a narrower search result:  i.e.; "6893" (PG 6893) "Ti" (Titania) or “Aeolus, PG 6893, cobalt, Creta mit Behaengen”, etc. A search for examples created by specific designers (“Moser”, Kirschner, “Beckert”, etc.) can be accomplished using last names.

3. Search Articles:  To search for words contained in articles, enter your search criterion in the "search" box that is located at the very top of the page.


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